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Nept is an expansive 3D metaverse filled with exploration, discovery, and creation having two different environments with distinctly different themes: Neptwild, a savage arid world, and Neptown a futuristic Earth-like environment. Users can access these environments by purchasing specific NFTs.

Within Nept, NFT holders are citizens of Neptown or Neptwild and can explore, play games, attend live streaming events and be part of the Nept economy. Users can also meet on the Marketplace if they wish to share and monetize their creativity and trade their NFTs.


A savage

Neptwild, home of the Neptunians X, is a savage planet featuring badlands and dotted with – hoodoos – rocky spires reaching out to the skies. The bioluminescent algae that thrive on Neptwild paint the landscape with hues of pink, purple, blue, and green, giving it an eerie glow.

Neptwild features hills, caves, and other geographical features that Neptunian X NFT holders can explore. Neptwild is rich in natural resources such as gold, metals, and stone that users can mine to build new features or trade with on the marketplace.


A Futuristic Earth Environment

Neptown, a modern, futuristic Earth-like environment was created by the Neptunians X for Nept Evolution X to reside. To make them feel at home the Neptunians X created Elysian – a hotel where the Nept Evolution X could have fun and experience what they had left behind on Earth.

Neptown also features a marketplace and gallery where users can able to trade and showcase their virtual creations. These environments are accessible to Neptunian X and Nept Evolution X avatars. Additionally even users holding a certain number of Nept tokens can access Elysian, visit the market place and attend virtual events like concerts and sporting events.


Marketplace & Gallery

The Marketplace and Gallery are the centerpieces of the Nept economy. Besides allowing users to display their NFTs, it also empowers them to trade and monetize their NFTs and other virtual assets such as natural resources, transportation devices, and other collectibles. The marketplace will also connect all users of the Nept metaverse to trade and monetize all products and services created and offered by them within the metaverse.